Extreme Sex Experience That Enable Tom To Enjoy Sex Finally

Regular sex was just not cutting it for Tom anymore. He needed something more to release his sexual energy in order to enjoy the experience. He couldn’t seem to keep a girlfriend because he would try to bring them over to the “dark side” of sex, and they thought something was wrong with him. His last girlfriend claimed to be into BDSM, but when he tried to experiment with her she flipped out, told him that he was not normal, and that he needed to go get checked. Just as his frustrations were getting to the peak, his best friend told him about a blackish escort he could hire who had similar interests as him with whom he could act out all of his dark sexual fantasies.

Luckily for Tom, his friend was right. The blackish teen escort seemed to get off just discussing all of the dirty things that he would do to her. Although it did not come cheap, Tom decided it was worth it to hire this girl so that he could have the dark sexual time of his life. When they met, Tom did not waste any time. He took her to his bedroom where he had laid out all kinds of tools, restraints, and toys.

The duo experimented with numerous extreme acts. Tom treated the teen like a slave, having her lick his feet and whipping her into submission. Then he restrained her to the bed and blindfolded her. Tom not only used his penis on all of her holes, swapping between her pussy and asshole the most, but then he also used monster dildos to fuck them as well.

Fisting was also part of the sexual experience. He even tried double penetration by reaching around and shoving his fist in her pussy while he filled her tight asshole with his hard cock. They both came numerous times. They also engaged in pain infliction, where the teen used her sharp heels and walk all over Tom’s body, making him beg for mercy. She also whipped him and fucked him with a dildo while she gave him a reach-around hand job until he came really hard.

This blackish teen escort was amazing at allowing him to fulfill his seemingly insatiable and extreme sexual appetite. So she was definitely well worth the money Tom spent on her. And since they seemed to be so in sync sexually they decided to make their arrangements an ongoing thing. Tom loves showing her off and having a sexy girl willing to be abused at his beck and call.

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